Chinese medicine extracts


The state council "about several opinions to promote the development of health services emphasized the importance of traditional Chinese medicine in the development of health industry, the demand for development of traditional Chinese medicine health care services will be identified as big health service industry of traditional Chinese medicine industry.


The first peak of traditional Chinese medicine health services on the BBS, experts predict the total reached 8 trillion yuan of health services, the most advantage of traditional Chinese medicine health service industry will account for half, including health care, health food, health supplies three plates, 2020 or 4 trillion yuan of above. While the traditional Chinese medicine can win the opportunity to participate in the health services is unprecedented.


In traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing, for example, in addition to the proprietary Chinese medicine yinpian and industry, related industries has been involved in traditional Chinese medicine formula particles, plant extracts, health food, pharmaceutical machinery industry, cosmetics, veterinary Chinese materia medica industry, such as pesticide, feed additive of Chinese herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) of health food, traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics even over into pharmaceutical industry.


In addition, Chinese traditional medicine agriculture related to traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health, culture, information and other service industries also showed the trend of vigorous. In this chain, through the development of science and technology, service, innovation to create new market demand still has a lot of opportunities.

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