2016 International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo


New Year approached, 2016 sixteenth Shanghai International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo Organizing Committee members here to give you all a Happy New Year! I wish the new and old customers and friends around you in the new year, I hope we can all do so All my dreams come true, all the wait can be on, all the pay can for now, I sincerely wish you, a lot of good fortune, happiness again and again, everything is round, sweet smile. I wish you smooth sailing, two snake off, three monkeys Kai Tai, Four Seasons peace, Five Blessings, Double Six, Seven is high, all directions to Choi, Hong mind, perfect, Pepsi Huntoon, a thousand things good fortune, good luck, 365 days, happy every day, no worries, too better than me "HappyNewYear" 

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