Listed companies how to prove your status in the industry



The company's position in the industry's impact on the issuing and listing?

The company's position in the industry is an important issue of concern listed audit. In general, under the same conditions of the company's top-ranking position in the industry, but also in terms of issuance and listing of the more advantage. The company's position in the industry can be judged from the following aspects:

(1) In the report period, revenue, profit rankings in the industry;

(2) the market share of the company's products;

(3) The company in the industry's competitive advantages and disadvantages (including cost factors, price, technology, research and development, production technology, quality, service, marketing, management, resources, personnel, culture, etc.).

Listed companies how to prove your status in the industry?

How can objectively reflect the "business position in the industry?" Industry report issued by a third party is undoubtedly the best choice. An objective and impartial report may approve industry will play a catalytic role in the enterprise market.

Meanwhile Shu Kang hearing as a professional research institution in the field of nutrition and health, nutrition and health care every year to carry out research work in the field industry, providing industry reports for the government is also dedicated to provide services for enterprises.

Shu being studied include

First, the industry research

1, health care industry research: support for the government, business decision-making basis.

2, research segments: According to marketing mode, function, variety or region to study and analyze all segments.

3. Regulatory System: to provide theoretical support for the government to develop regulations or regulatory rules grasp.

Second, third-party research evaluation

1, business industry status assessment: to provide a basis for the enterprise market or business partners to choose from.

2, supply corporate reputation rating: Choose a reliable agent for the sale of products and supplier firms to provide basis for decision making.

3, the seller credit rating: to provide basis for decision making agents to select the best brands.

4. Risk assessment: corporate prediction, detection and risk aversion assistance (including policy, access, market risk assessment, etc.).

Third, the diagnosis study

1, business decision-making diagnosis: the formulation of business strategy for enterprise diagnosis, help companies avoid making a wrong decision.

2, the product marketing strategy Diagnosis: The diagnosis corporate marketing strategy to help companies choose effective marketing strategy.

3, enterprise selection of species diagnosis: to help companies with development potential locked varieties.

4, the effect of government regulation survey: status of implementation of the government to investigate the regulatory system, to enhance the effectiveness of regulatory assistance.

Fourth, the market research

1, the raw material market research: as raw materials development, procurement of raw materials production enterprises to provide basis for decision making.

2. Competition Survey: determining business strategy for enterprises, provide an effective response to competitive intelligence.

3, consumer research: to help companies grasp the target market consumer status, the rational development of the business strategy to provide basis for decision making.

4, category survey: the production and sale of products to provide basis for decision making companies or select varieties.

Fifth, research trends and development potential

1, the development trend of variety research: to help enterprise product development or selection agent provides analysis and forecast information.

2. Potential demand research: to help companies target customers, develop business intelligence analysis provides.

3, the trend of policy analysis: to help companies avoid risks, to capture the opportunities given to providing policy intelligence analysis.

Sixth, monitoring and information services industry:

1, advertising monitoring

2, the policy environment change monitoring

3, competitive environment monitoring

4, General Information Services

5, the depth of information services

6, Professional Information Services

7, customized information services

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