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This extension is committed to becoming a leader in the field of maternal and child health nutrition in Asia. The company is headquartered in Wuhan, China, in Portugal, Hongkong, the United States, Switzerland, Australia and other places with product sourcing and R & D center, responsible for the selection and procurement of professional maternal and child supplies worldwide. This extension force has been the Portuguese NUNEX diapers and baby wipes, Australia Bao Li Chen milk and baby food supplement, the United States, hooi Yee Chi baby food supplement, the Swiss Nestle coffee capsule / cereal /NESQUIT/ cereal beverages such as international famous brands and products into China. The above products occupy a large market share in the global market. This extension of the international force to hire an internationally renowned maternal and child experts, the formation of the establishment of the JINTALENT-GOLD maternal and child R & D team, will continue to develop and produce more suitable for Asian infants and young children's physical health products.

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