Different signals of the body, tell you what nutrients missing



Introductory phrase: Although we know that a balanced diet for good health should be, it should be appropriate nutrition, the body can be exactly what you most need to know what? The following six body small details can help you determine if you in the end what is missing.


Signal 1: dry hair, thinning, brittle, hair loss

may lack nutrients: protein, energy, fatty acids, zinc.

Nutritional Strategies: Daily guarantee staple food intake. Daily guaranteed three two lean meat, 1 egg, 250 ml of milk to supplement the high quality protein, while increasing the intake of essential fatty acids.

2 to 3 times weekly intake of fish, and eat oysters to increase zinc.


Signal 2: Night vision reduced

may lack nutrients: Vitamin A

nutritional responses: such as carrots and liver increased food intake. Both plants and animals respectively provided in the form of vitamin A, which is more efficient absorption. It should be noted that vitamin A is dissolved in the oil does not dissolve in water, vitamins, vegetable oil fried carrot so than raw carrots, vitamin A absorption efficiency can be greatly improved.

substance in dietary vitamin A comes from two parts: one is directly derived from animal foods provide retinol, such as animal liver, egg yolks, butter, other animal offal; another part comes from the rich carrot Pigment yellow-green vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, rape, pepper, tomato and orange and so on.

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