traditional Chinese medicine trade exports


                               Chinese traditional medicine the products export characteristics

In the first half of 1.2011 years of Chinese export prices are slowing

Although Chinese herbal medicine in the first half of the export prices rose 38% year-on-year, but up 0.74% month-on-month, countries only on price control, the influence of the traditional appeared to increase overall export prices rise, chrysanthemum, white atractylodes flattened and dangshen and other large sums of medicinal materials export prices still appeared down certain projects.

Our Chinese herbal medicine and yinpian export market for Asia, which mainly in China and Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan to give priority to. In the first half of 2011 for Chinese Hong Kong, Germany and Italy and other areas of the rapid export growth, to Spain, Britain and India's export has a larger degree of decline.

Extract export into transition, but market prospect continue to remain positive on

In the first half, our country extract exports to 525 million us dollars, up 48%, and continues to increase, and for DuoNian occupy Chinese medicine export commodities first.

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