21th China (Beijing) International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo, 2019

----21th International  Nutrition and Health Industry Expo “China Cup” Competition

Date: Oct 22-27th, 2019

Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center(Downtown)

Add:Next to Beijing Zoo ,Beijing


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Fair 2019, China-Asean Exposition 2019, The Silk Road International Expo

2019,Beijing&Shanghai Nutrition and Health Industry Expo,Guizhou Wine Expo

Approved by:

Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China

Sponsored by:

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade    

Asia Healthcare &Nutrition Promotive Commission

Asia Economy Trade &Development Center        

International Olive Oil Industry Association

Overseas co-organizers:

East Hong Kong International Exhibition Co., Ltd

World Expo Co., Ltd

Italy Connature Company

Argentina Huli XM group

Supported Media:    


News papers: China Food Newspaper Health TimesFood Quality, Health This Week

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★About Expo

China(Beijing and Shanghai)International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo will attract about 500 exhibitors from 36 countries and 32 Chinese provinces or regions. The foreign exhibitors will be up to 96 companies. There are 66 exhibitors from Taiwan region. The exhibition area covered more than 16,000 ㎡, it hit records. 23 embassies to China and more than 50,000 (48,000 Chinese, 2,000 foreigners) professional visitors from 27 countries will witness unprecedented event together! Exhibitors covered health food, nutritional food, functional food, leisure food, health drink, slimming beauty product, cosmetics raw material, pharmaceutical material, healthcare medicine, and healthcare product field.

★Awards Selection Activity

Customers can participate in CHEC's awards event, the General Assembly Awards "Gold", "Best Brand" award; "Designated Product" award, "Technology Innovation" award; (Please request to the organizing committee)

Sponsorship Benefits:

If you would like to become one of our sponsors, you can enjoy the following benefits from us:

1.  Special treatment

2.  Propagandize on the opening ceremony

3.  Advertisement during the exhibition  

4.  Invitation of the professional visitors’ advertisement  

5.  Catalog advertisement  

6.  Web promotion  

7.  Media promotion    

8.  Forum            

9.  Invitation Ticket advertisement

10. The best booths

About the details, please inquire the organizing committee.

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